Snoopervising Project Done

Dixie Here! It has been a really busy summer. I snoopervised one of my humans project and it came out really good. He put up a nice fence that gives me shade on a hot day and there is a great smelling item that cooks food! I love hanging around when the great smells are in the air!! Woof Woof

Getting my face washed!

Dixie here! I was having a nice day playing with my toys then all of a sudden my face was being washed! At first I let the human think this was okay. But then I grabbed for the towel so I could play with it! Then we had a little chat and everything was okay! woof woof

National Dog Day!

It is National Dog Day! Time for a few Dixie pictures. A lovable Border Collie / Rottweiler who loves attention, needs to be petted constantly or gives you the “why aren’t you petting me” look. And likes to take over the lounger. Yep, you head towards it to sit down and there is a flash of Dixie beating you to the lounger! And of course she loves to herd us around and always has to be first! And she is the perfect snooperviser for Greg! She sleeps with one ear up in case she might miss something. Our little Angel from Heaven!

Snoopervising a fence project part 2

Dixie here! My human and I continue our work on building a new fence for our patio grill and so I have more shade outside. He sure does need a lot of snoopervising and this project is keeping me busy!

I started with checking out his initial work to ensure the workspace is safe.

Then we needed a few tools that I first needed to check out. We were working pretty hard so we took a little break.

Of course I had to inspect the job!

Snoopervising a fence project

Dixie here. I am very busy with snoopervising another project! My human needs a lot of snoopervising. This time he is putting up a new fence for us and was I busy helping him! And he is not done yet! Ruff Ruff. Paw Prints. Dixie.

Dog looking at man

We started with a discussion of what we needed to accomplish today.

Dog smelling mans gloves

Then I checked out his gloves to ensure they were put on correctly. Safety first!

Dog walking while man is working

Then off I went so my human could get started.

Then I came back to the project to assess the progress and give my report to the other human who seemed pleased with the progress.

I took a closer inspection of the progress.

My human is doing a good job! We have the first part of our project done!

Dixie gets mad at the green carpet

Dixie here. My human wasn’t giving me enough attention. Instead she was on a toy with two wheels instead of petting me. So I found the green carpet and started throwing it around. Then I started to get more attention! Ruff Ruff! Paw Prints. Dixie.