Tired Dixie!

Dixie here! I had a busy weekend with getting my new Pink Collar and having fun in the snow and with my humans!!

Happy Birthday!

Dixie Here! I want to wish one of my humans a Happy Birthday! It seems to be an important day. And I just hope it means more treats and new toys for me!! Well now it is time to take a little nap because I think it is going to be a busy afternoon! Woof… Continue reading Happy Birthday!

Those Darn Birds!

Dixie here. I have a problem with these birds. They are invading my favorite bush that I like to lay under and scratch my back. Lately they are in the bush and I need to chase them out. All I do lately is guard the yard from squirrels and birds!! Woof Woof Dixie!

Got a new toy!

Dixie here! I got a nice surprise with a new toy! The humans are always saying I tear my toys apart. I focused hard on this new toy but couldn’t tear it apart. It is a fun toy that keeps me occupied. Everyone had a chance to see it as I walked around with it.… Continue reading Got a new toy!

Watching the Yard

Dixie here! There has been a lot of activity in the yard lately and I need to keep guard of what is mine. The squirrels run across the top of my fence and I need to chase them to make sure they don’t come into the yard. Every so often one of them lands in… Continue reading Watching the Yard

It is My Lounger!

Dixie here! My human was going to sit on the lounger where I placed my toy. But I got to it before her and as you can see I looked away when she wanted to get on the lounger. Then I proceeded to lay down to ensure that everyone knows that this is My Lounger!!… Continue reading It is My Lounger!