Snoopervising a fence project part 2

Dixie here! My human and I continue our work on building a new fence for our patio grill and so I have more shade outside. He sure does need a lot of snoopervising and this project is keeping me busy!

I started with checking out his initial work to ensure the workspace is safe.

Then we needed a few tools that I first needed to check out. We were working pretty hard so we took a little break.

Of course I had to inspect the job!

Snoopervising a fence project

Dixie here. I am very busy with snoopervising another project! My human needs a lot of snoopervising. This time he is putting up a new fence for us and was I busy helping him! And he is not done yet! Ruff Ruff. Paw Prints. Dixie.

Dog looking at man

We started with a discussion of what we needed to accomplish today.

Dog smelling mans gloves

Then I checked out his gloves to ensure they were put on correctly. Safety first!

Dog walking while man is working

Then off I went so my human could get started.

Then I came back to the project to assess the progress and give my report to the other human who seemed pleased with the progress.

I took a closer inspection of the progress.

My human is doing a good job! We have the first part of our project done!

Dixie gets mad at the green carpet

Dixie here. My human wasn’t giving me enough attention. Instead she was on a toy with two wheels instead of petting me. So I found the green carpet and started throwing it around. Then I started to get more attention! Ruff Ruff! Paw Prints. Dixie.

Dixie likes to run

Dixie here. I like to run around my human in circles. But today I woke up from a nap so my run is a short one. But I had fun anyways. And then my human tried to take my pan from me! You always have to keep an eye on those humans! Ruff Ruff. Paw Prints. Dixie.

Dog with paw on an aluminum pan

Dixie Gets a Visitor! (with video)

Today’s Adventures includes a short video when the weather was a bit nicer. I was outside with Dixie waiting for my husband to come outside. When she realized he was on the other side of the door she got so excited!! Look at that wagging tail. When the door starts to open, she pushes it open – not waiting for Greg to come out. And then she almost knocked him over when he tried to get outside. Her Border Collie breed definitely shows in this video as she runs a herding circle around my husband. I hope you enjoy the video!

Dixie Thinks She is a Cow! (video)

Dixie is a funny dog. She loves to eat the grass. She grazes like a cow! And you cannot get her attention or distract her once she is eating grass! I don’t know what it is about grass but she is addicted. The areas of the yard where she grazes, the grass is definitely shorter! And of course she only eats certain grass. She was too busy eating grass to share a post with us today. But she had a few quick words as she was grazing!

Happy Birthday! (Videos)

Dixie Here. I would like to wish one of my Humans a Happy Birthday! We have so much fun together and I hate when he does something without me. I love exploring the small house in the backyard. When they open the door I make sure I am the first one through! I am always looking for plastic as it is fun to play with. I like things that make noise.

I love attention, being pet, and especially hugs. Hugs are great!

We have a lot of fun outside. We explore the yard together and often I snoopervise his projects. I am not sure what my Human would do without me!

This was a fun day that we spent outside. It was cooler but I like being outside.

It is hard to pick all my favorite times. I also like to tell my human a few secrets. We have good conversations. Happy Birthday Human! I hope you bring me a treat. You know I like my treats! And a toy. A soft toy would be nice. Ruff Ruff. Lots of Nose Nudges! Dixie.

Dixie Loves Her Red Ball (Videos)

Since Dixie was a puppy, she loves her red ball. She is now 4 1/2 and is not slowing down with playing with her ball. She will bring you her ball to tease you. Once you go to take the ball, she runs away with it making a racket with the squeaking ball. But sometimes she will let you have the ball. But then she is all over you trying to get it back! At the end we are sharing two short videos.

She loves to bring you her ball and then place it on your chair. But again be careful because that might be a trick. You go for the ball and just that quickly she snatches it back. Then she is off to taunt someone else! Most likely that is my husband. That is our Dixie – she is a sweetie!

Happy Easter Everyone!

Dixie Here: Happy Easter Humans! Did you get any candy? My Humans got me a new toy that was a lot of fun to play with. It makes noise, is soft and larger than my other toy.

My Human wanted me to play with my old toy, and I will play with it. But I always like to play with a soft new toy. We had a lot of fun. Ruff Ruff. Paw Prints. Dixie.