National Dog Day!

It is National Dog Day! Time for a few Dixie pictures. A lovable Border Collie / Rottweiler who loves attention, needs to be petted constantly or gives you the “why aren’t you petting me” look. And likes to take over the lounger. Yep, you head towards it to sit down and there is a flash of Dixie beating you to the lounger! And of course she loves to herd us around and always has to be first! And she is the perfect snooperviser for Greg! She sleeps with one ear up in case she might miss something. Our little Angel from Heaven!

By Hello! I'm Bernice.

My passion is bringing to you comforting recipes that are easy to make! We provide budget friendly recipes, make ahead meals, 30-minute meals, and product reviews that includes Pampered Chef products.


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