Selfies with Dixie!

Dixie is always on the move so getting a few selfies with her is a challenge. But I managed to get a few cute ones!!!

National Dog Day!

It is National Dog Day! Time for a few Dixie pictures. A lovable Border Collie / Rottweiler who loves attention, needs to be petted constantly or gives you the “why aren’t you petting me” look. And likes to take over the lounger. Yep, you head towards it to sit down and there is a flash… Continue reading National Dog Day!

Dixie gets mad at the green carpet

Dixie here. My human wasn’t giving me enough attention. Instead she was on a toy with two wheels instead of petting me. So I found the green carpet and started throwing it around. Then I started to get more attention! Ruff Ruff! Paw Prints. Dixie.