Dixie Waiting for Her Best Friend (with Videos)

Recently, Dixie was having fun playing with her red ball. Until she saw my husband was outside. Immediately playing with the red ball was over. She ran over to me wanting to go outside and then went to get her chain. She kept looking at me and I could hear her saying “take me outside”. The below video captures us playing ball and how that stopped!

But my husband was blocking off a section of the yard that she was getting herself too muddy on the warmer days. I didn’t think Dixie Lending a Helping Paw was a good idea. So that led to Dixie not being happy. She laid on her carpet, starring at me. Looking outside. Then put her head down looking sad.

But before you feel too sorry for our Dixie, she perked up when hubby came in! She is running in circles and you can hear her saying “he’s here he’s here!!” Do you see he is here! You would think Dixie has not seen Greg in years!! And of course then she needed some attention! Definitely man’s best friend!

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