Dixie 3 Greg 1 (With Video)

So you may be wondering about this title. Dixie 3 Greg 1. Our winter has been rather odd. Bitter cold then a couple days later it is warm and raining. Unfortunately that leads to a muddy back yard. Dixie is part border collie and as such she is a runner! It is in her nature to run circles and she does that around a tree. Of course that tree is now hers! But all those laps and the rainy weather turns Dixie into a muddy dog! A very muddy dog! So my husband put up a fence to keep her out of the muddy area. But remember Dixie is a smart dog. She figured out how to by pass the fence! Greg then reinforced the fence. But our Dixie. She is smart. She broke down the fence a couple more times!

I was able to get this great video of Dixie taking a lap around the yard and then right into the forbidden area! The fence is already down and she proceeds to take a couple of victory laps within the fenced off area! She is letting us know this is her area and no fence is stopping her! Then she ends her little adventure with eating some snow. Icy snow!

By Hello! I'm Bernice.

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