Dixie New Seek and Treat Toy (With Videos)

Dixie is a mixed breed of Border Collie and Rottweiler. As such she is intelligent and very high energy! We like to test her intelligence to see how she handles different situations. I bought her a Seek and Treat toy that has sliding compartments with hidden treats. Today we are sharing two short videos.

As a back up I brought her training treats in case I needed to get the toy away from her. You know how safe that is with a dog!! In hindsight I should have trained her on how the toy works since I was afraid she would tear off the wooden doors. However, when you see the video and how high energy she is, there was not a chance of first training her!! She is really good with her paws but her instincts was to chew the toy and bite off the sliders. I hope you enjoy the two short videos!!

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