Dixie Loves the Towel

Dog with towel from her mouth

Dixie here. I found this towel in the sitting room. Since it was in my reach, I assume it is for me. Because anything I can reach is mine. Ruff Ruff. Paw Prints. Dixie

Dog with towel from her mouth

Dixie: Did you say something?

Dog laying with paws on a towel

Dixie: I like how soft this is.

Dog looking at the camera with paws on the towel

Dixie: Just try to get this towel from me!

dixie with towel in her mouth standing and looking to her right

Dixie: Did I hear Mom coming?

Dog laying with towel on the floor by paws

Dixie: Mom. Is that you?

Closeup of dog looking into the camera

Dixie: Did you say there was a treat?

Dog laying on top of towel

Dixie: Taking a break.

Human: Notice Dixie laying on the towel! She is possessive about what she perceives as hers!

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  1. Lulu: “Dada says that now you are ready to take a trip with Ford Prefect! I don’t know who that is but if he’s going on trips I would definitely tag along, because I’ve gotten kind of bored with staying home all the time.”

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