Dixie Lends a Helping Paw Outside

Dog with paw on tree branch

Dixie is quite the character! She loves to be involved in everything and lend a helping paw! Last fall was no exception when my husband cut down an older bush. Dixie started with a few gallops around the yard before investigating further what was going on. Of course we keep an eye on her so she does not get injured around the sharp objects.

Dixie is in her glory when she discovered an available branch from the bush. It provided her with some quiet time. But of course that never lasts too long as she is an active dog!

Dixie got bored with the branch then took a couple more gallops around the yard. Then she rediscovered my husband running over to him for kisses. It makes the work a bit challenging but she is too adorable.

My husband gave her a little pet and then she discovered his gloves. And a battle with her trying to take the gloves began! Luckily my husband won that battle!

The day ended with Dixie following my husband into the shed as he tries to put away the summer lawn ornaments – that are fairly heavy! Now it is time to start bringing everything back outside. We shall see what adventures that brings!

Dog watching man pull yard ornament inot shed

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