Dixie Girl Sharing Her Toys!

Be prepared for cuteness overload! Recently, I bought Dixie a new toy that she just loves! She is an interesting dog since she loves to share her toys. Either to taunt you or to engage. This orange toy has a chicken flavor which goes over well with her. Dixie loves to grab this toy, run around with it and then want you to play tug of war with her. But we are always careful because we do not want to hurt her. She has a strong jaw and may not realize the danger. The below picture is a touch blurry since I caught her in action. But it is one of my favorites! Look at her eyes. She is just so happy with her toy and wants someone to play with her!

Dixie is now taking a little break from playing. She is protective of her toys! No way we are getting close to taking it from her. She holds on to it for dear life! She is an adorable dog! I originally posted this story on Supper Plate. Since that time she still enjoys this toy. But we have been buying her softer toys that she seems to prefer. BUT now she is tearing those apart and is getting herself into trouble. More stories to come!

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