My Silly Human!

Hello Humans! Dixie here. My human sometimes like to challenge me or at least think she is challenging me. Recently my human put my treat on top of the table thinking I could not get it. Silly human! I just walked around the table, jump up on the table and with my paw (I am good with my paws) I grabbed that treat! It was gone in no time! Notice how I keep my eyes on the prize to ensure my human does not move it! By the way… did you happen to bring me a treat? I do love them! Any treat, any flavor. Ruff Ruff. Paw Prints. Dixie.

By Hello! I'm Bernice.

My passion is bringing to you comforting recipes that are easy to make! We provide budget friendly recipes, make ahead meals, 30-minute meals, and product reviews that includes Pampered Chef products.


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