Getting More Treats

Tape Dixie standing with the tape dispenser in her mouth

Dixie Here. Let me tell you furry friends how to get more treats. You need to find the items they do not want you to have. Then get a good grip on it. But don’t damage it. That is key. Do not damage the item. Just hold and guard. Then let the negotiations begin! Now pay close attention to my story and then report back once you try it.

Side view of Dixie sitting and looking to the right

Using this fail proof strategy I got three different types of treats. It started with my favorite gingerbread cookies. But I told them that is a good starting place. What else you got. Then my favorite greenies came out. It was tough. The humans thought I was going to drop the item but nope. I kept waiting for the treat that rarely comes out. My bacon treat! Yep they came out in full force. So I gave up the item for a greenie, three gingerbread cookies and several bacon treats! That is how you do it furry friends! Ruff Ruff. Paw Prints. Dixie!!

Tape Dixie standing with the tape dispenser in her mouth

Dixie: I got the item from the humans!

Tape Dixie on her bed with a treat on the floor by her

Dixie: They think I will drop this and go over there for the treat.

Tape Dixie on her bed being coaxed by a treat

Dixie: It is going to take more than this treat.

Tape Dixie on her bed with the tape dispenser

Dixie: Ok folks. Time to negotiate. What is this worth to you?

Tape Dixie getting a treat hand fed

Dixie: This is more like it!

Human: Dixie kept us busy with her negotiations! We never thought she was going to let it go.

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